La Palma Dolphin View and Lava Flow Tour

Your journey begins at Tazacorte port, the gateway to an immersive “dolphin safari” and the opulent aquatic world beneath the waves on board the “Fancy II”. This catamaran is not merely a boat; it’s a window into the ocean’s soul with its specialized underwater viewing capabilities and room to comfortably accommodate 60 passengers.

What’s included:

  • Boat tour of 2,5 hours
  • Crew and guide

What’s not included:

  • Food or drinks
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Details about the Dolphin View and Lava Flow Tour from Tazacorte

maritim life in canary islands

Navigate toward the northeastern region of La Palma, colloquially celebrated as the Beautiful Island. Your journey on the “Fancy II” is curated not just as a tour, but as an enlightening experience into the vibrant marine ecology. Beneath the ship’s transparent floor, an array of maritime inhabitants such as rays, sharks, vivid fish, black corals, and octopuses greet you, inaugurating your initial interaction with the aquatic realm.

Your dolphin view within the expansive blue of the Atlantic is more than mere sightseeing. It is an expedition where every moment holds the possibility of encountering the frolicking dolphins and graceful whales that call the waters of La Palma their home. As you partake in the dolphin tours, the opportunity to witness dolphins, meet a group of pilot whales, or observe the strikingly beautiful spouts of moist air expelled by whales on their surfacing for breath, becomes a tangible reality. A reality where each second beckons with excitement and potential discoveries.

But Fancy whale watching La Palma is not only about the creatures of the depths. It is also a historical journey, where the echoes of the land and sea meld. Prior to returning to the solidity of land, your path brings you close to the lava delta La Palma, providing a breathtaking view of the solidified lava flows from the most recent Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption. Here, the memory of 2021’s almost three-month-long eruptive phase is revisited, intertwining the majestic and destructive powers of nature, while pondering upon the impacts it bore upon the island.

After a two and a half-hour sojourn upon the waves, your exploration concludes, bringing you back to where you began, at the port of Tazacorte, perhaps with a heart a bit fuller with the marvels witnessed and the stories the ocean told.

watching turtle la palma

Important Information for the Dolphin view La Palma tour:

  • Not suitable for Pregnant women
  • The boat is pet-friendly. Please inform the activity provider in advance.

Please bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat
  • Comfortable clothes

Not allowed:

  • Luggage or large bags

Dolphin and Whale Watching is Not suitable for:

  • Pregnant women

Meeting Point:

Port of Tazacorte

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