Beaches of La Palma

The island of La Palma has a wide variety of black sand beaches, created by volcanic activity, that offer a stunning landscape and crystal-clear waters ideal for water sports. In addition to the beaches, you can also find natural pools, natural formations of saltwater pools, that offer a unique swimming and relaxation experience. 

Discover the most spectacular beaches and charming natural pools of La Palma and enjoy an unforgettable vacation!

Swell la palma

In La Palma, as in all the Canary Islands, respecting the Atlantic Ocean is crucial for your safety. Every year, many people lose their lives in the Canary Islands due to a lack of caution in the face of adverse weather warnings. Unlike a closed sea, the ocean has unique characteristics such as temperature, water depth, and wave power. It is vital to inform yourself about the color of the flag and the state of the sea before swimming. If you are not an expert swimmer, it is advisable to opt for natural pools and more family-friendly beaches. In the event of strong swell or adverse coastal weather warnings, swimming is prohibited, both in the sea and in natural pools, due to the risk of being swept away by the waves. Enjoy La Palma by taking photos and selfies, without compromising your safety and respecting the force of nature.

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