La Palma Flora

Discover “Flora La Palma” – a captivating showcase of the Canary Islands’ botanical gems. From the iconic Canarian pine tree to the ancient Dragon tree of the Canary Islands, La Palma’s vibrant flora embodies the unique spirit of Canary Islands flora. Wander amidst swaying Canarian palms and uncover the rich tapestry of plants the Canary Islands boast. Dive into nature’s treasure.

  • What is the flower of La Palma?

    The Viola palmensis, also known as Summit Violet, is indeed a native flower of the summits of La Palma and is protected due to its rarity and the limited habitat in which it grows.

  • What is the main time of vegetation in La Palma?

    La Palma has a subtropical climate and vegetation. In its laurel forest (in the north) are present giant ferns, laurels, and heathers; in the south and in the heart of the island, you can find Canary Island pines, while near the coasts there are primarily palm trees, prickly pears, and chestnut trees.

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