Viewpoints La Palma: Dive into a visual journey across La Palma Island, showcasing its unparalleled beauty. From the majestic Miradores La Palma to hidden overlooks, the island promises vistas that linger in memory. Discover the essence of La Palma through its panoramic treasures.

  • Where can I see stars in La Palma?

    La Palma offers numerous viewpoints for stargazing due to its status as a Starlight Reserve, which is attributed to its minimal light pollution. However, the prime location for astronomical observation is the Roque de los Muchachos.

  • Can you see the Milky Way in La Palma?

    Yes, La Palma boasts one of the finest skies globally for observing the Milky Way, providing stellar views of our galaxy.

  • Where can I see lava flow in La Palma?

    The lava flow from the recent volcanic activity in La Palma can be observed from several viewpoints. The closest one to observe the volcanic crater and lava flow is Mirador de Tacande and Mirador de Tajuya. For a higher, more panoramic perspective of the lava flow, Mirador del Time is also an excellent option.


  • Where is the closest viewpoint to the La Palma volcano?

    The Mirador de Tacande provides the nearest viewpoint to the volcano crater and lava flow. However, through the guided excursion to the volcano, you can get up to about 200 meters from one of the craters.

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