Viewpoint La Tosca

The La Tosca La Palma Viewpoint is located near Barlovento, at an altitude of 700 meters. It offers panoramic views of the island’s majestic cliff coasts and surrounding neighborhoods like Topaciegas, La Palmita, and Gallegos.

la tosca la palma

The La Tosca La Palma Viewpoint: Where Cliffs and Dragon Trees Capture the Imagination

This spot is home to one of the largest concentrations of dragon trees, iconic trees endemic to the Canary Islands, sharing this distinction with the Buracas-las Tricias region. Dragon trees have been enigmatic plants since the Middle Ages when they caught the attention of Europeans. Their sap was coveted in ancient times for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, and their green crown was used as livestock feed and in craftwork. The magnitude of these emblematic plants awakens the admiration of visitors who peek at this picturesque spot.


The viewpoint La Tosca La Palma is located right on the main road LP1 after passing through the town center of Barlovento.


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