Tacande viewpoint

The Tacande La Palma viewpoint is located in the namesake neighborhood of El Paso municipality, one of the areas closest to the volcanic crater. It boasts an impromptu viewing spot at the end of San Nicolás Road, halted by a 6-meter high lava flow.


The best vantage point to see La Palma’s volcano

This spot vividly showcases how lava has reshaped the surroundings, cutting off the access route to the south. Access to the viewpoint is via a private road made available for visitors, offering views of both the volcanic cone and the extent of the lava flows towards La Palma’s western coast.

tacande la palma viewpoint
tacande street

This site allows an understanding of the magnitude of transformation, showing how the lava has altered the environment and blocked access routes to the south. To reach the viewpoint, visitors must take a specially adapted private path for its use. From this privileged point, it is possible to observe both the majestic volcanic cone and the spread of lava flows moving towards the west coast of the island.

In the area near the Tacande Viewpoint, the road is interrupted due to the advance of the lava, allowing a close observation of both the elevation and the extensive damage caused by the volcano. According to data provided by the Cabildo de La Palma, the lava flows in the center present a height varying from 11 to 30 meters. The flows located in the more northern and southern areas have an average height ranging from 5 to 10 meters, although in the Todoque area, this height reaches 60 meters, and near the Rajada mountain, it rises to 70 meters.

How to get to the new Tacande La Palma viewpoint


From Lp3 to El Paso, turn towards Tacande and follow San Nicolás Road until you reach a wooden cabin serving as a small information center. From there, it’s just a short walk further.

tacande viewpoint wood house info


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