El Time lookout

El Time lookout, La Palma: A Breathtaking Vista Situated at an altitude of approximately 600 meters. The Mirador del Time provides one of the most spectacular viewpoints on La Palma. From here, visitors are afforded an awe-inspiring panorama of the Aridane Valley and the recent lava flow from the Tajogaite volcano.

lookout lava flow

Admire the Aridane Valley and Lava Flow from the el Time lookout in La Palma

The Mirador del Time, located on the LP-1 road between Los Llanos and Puntagorda in the municipality of Tijarafe, offers an exceptional view on the island of La Palma. From here, you can see the vast Aridane Valley and its towns: Los Llanos, El Paso, and Tazacorte. This impressive valley, adorned with banana plantations, is crossed by the deep Las Angustias ravine, which ends at the picturesque port of Tazacorte. On clear days, it’s possible to spot the island of El Hierro.

Enjoy Tapas and Drinks with an Unforgettable View

From this vantage point, you can observe the lava flow that reached the sea 10 days after the eruption, forming a lava terrace. The volcano and the affected hectares are also visible, reminding us of the impact of this event on La Palma.

The Time is an astronomical viewpoint: it consists of a small balcony with a telescope, and adjacent is a bar-restaurant with breathtaking views.

From Mirador del Time, you can also embark on an adventure on foot along a picturesque trail that will take you directly to the charming Tazacorte Beach. Refresh yourself with a revitalizing swim or treat your taste buds at one of the exquisite local restaurants.


The Time lookout is located at the entrance of the municipality of Tijarafe, on the main Lp1 road that connects Los Llanos de Aridane to Puntagorda.


Line no.100, which connects Los Llanos de Aridane to Puntagorda, has a stop right at the Mirador.


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