Municipalities of La Palma

Discover the charms of the municipalities of La Palma, the ‘Isla Bonita’ of the Canary archipelago. La Palma, Spain, renowned for its lush nature and local traditions, captivates every visitor. Each of the 14 municipalities is a treasure waiting to be uncovered, each with its own unique identity and attractions. Join us on this journey across La Palma Island and see for yourself what makes it so magical.

  • What is the prettiest town in La Palma?

    Perhaps the prettiest town is Santa Cruz de La Palma, with its colonial style and characteristic streets. The architecture, historical context, and coastal location make it a charming place to visit and explore.

  • What is the main town of La Palma?

    The main town and also the capital of the island is Santa Cruz de La Palma. However, it is not the most populous town on the island; in fact, Los Llanos has a larger population.

  • Why live in La Palma?

    La Palma is a very peaceful island. People who live here love it for its close contact with nature, as well as the peace and calm that pervade daily life. Perhaps it does not have all the services found on the larger islands, with which, however, it is well connected.

  • How many peole live in La Palma?

    84,855 people live in La Palma (2023 data from the source Tiempo de Canarias).

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