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Breña Alta is nestled in a picturesque valley, situated to the east of the island of La Palma, not far from the capital. The Mirador de la Concepción provides sweeping panoramic views of the capital and shares the revitalized Bajamar Beach with the Port of Santa Cruz de La Palma. With a population of 7,199, its growth has been spurred by the housing scarcity in the capital.

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Breña Alta: A Verdant Valley Imbued with History and Charm on La Palma

Characterized by fertile lands and lush vegetation, Breña Alta’s main town, San Pedro de Breña Alta, stands 350 meters above sea level. The municipality boasts a fishing port, a blue-flag awarded artificial beach in Bajamar, and several industrial zones. Its renowned tobacco production has roots tracing back to the 19th century, brought to the island by returning emigrants from Cuba.

Breña Alta: A Living Past From Summer Mansions to the Distinct Aroma of Palmeros Cigars

Post the Spanish conquest, bourgeois and nobles from Santa Cruz de La Palma erected grand summer residences in the nearby higher valley, relishing the cooler climate. They cultivated vineyards, cereals, and fruit trees, with wines from the 16th century considered the island’s best.

Breña Alta’s narrative was notably shaped by returning emigrants from Cuba, who introduced tobacco cultivation, making the region one of its prime producers. The tobacco, known for its smooth and fragrant characteristics, bolstered La Palma’s reputation as the producer of traditional Palmeros cigars.

Explore the natural beauty, history, and tradition of Breña Alta on La Palma. Delight in its awe-inspiring landscape, famed tobacco production, and its connection to the capital’s port activities.

What to See in Breña Alta Breña Alta offers an array of captivating sights to revel in

Mirador de La Concepción

Commanding panoramic views of the coast and Santa Cruz de La Palma await here.


A thematic and zoological park perfect for a family day out, housing diverse animal species, shows, and recreational zones.

Museo del Puro Palmero

Immerse yourself in the cigar culture, delving into the history and making of the famed Palmeros cigars.

Bajamar Beach

A serene family beach offering urban amenities, it’s an ideal spot for a swim or sunbathing session.

Mirador de La Cumbre

From this viewpoint, feast your eyes on the mesmerizing valley and coastal vistas.

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These are just some of the places you can visit in Breña Alta. Each one offers a unique experience and allows you to explore different facets of the area’s natural and cultural beauty.


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