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If you’re in search of an authentic and heartwarming souvenir for smokers, don’t miss out on visiting “Puros Artesanos Julio” in Breña Alta. Established in 1999 by Julio and his brother, this tobacconist shop that sells high-quality cigars is a true gem of the island.

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Handcrafted Cigars from La Palma: An Authentic Souvenir for Tobacco Lovers

With over 20 years of experience in cigar-making, Julio and his team of master craftsmen employ traditional techniques to hand-cut and roll the cigars. The cigars are crafted using tobacco leaves from La Palma, Sumatra, Cuba, and Brazil. Most of the leaves are sourced from Julio’s family plantation in Breña Alta, with others coming from different tobacco growers in the region.

At “Puros Artesanos Julio”, you’ll find a wide variety of cigars split into two ranges: the mid-range and the premium

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For the mid-range cigars, different types of tobacco are blended according to secret recipes and are hand-pressed to form the unfinished cigar called Tirulo. The leaf is then cut and wrapped around, finally being pressed into the cigar shape. For the premium range, the cigar’s core is made solely from leaves, and the wrapping leaves are of the highest quality.

In addition to the exceptional cigars, you can also delve into the thematic part of the tobacconist shop to learn more about La Palma’s handcrafted cigars. Right across from the shop, there’s a tobacco plantation that you can visit from March to October.

In summary, the handcrafted cigars from “Puros Artesanos Julio” in La Palma are a quintessential souvenir from the island that you shouldn’t overlook if you’re a tobacco aficionado. Made with top-quality tobacco leaves and traditional techniques, these cigars are a genuine piece of art and an authentic way to take a slice of the island’s rich culture and history with you. So, don’t hesitate to visit “Puros Artesanos Julio” during your stay in La Palma and take home a unique and flavorful memento.

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