Star Gazing Excursion in Fuencaliente

This tour allows you to explore the universe using telescopes and binoculars, guided by experienced astronomers in a private and intimate setting. Learn about the formation of stars, constellations, and celestial bodies such as the Moon, and visible planets like Jupiter and Saturn.

This tour is especially convenient for guests staying in the southern part of the island, such as at the Hotel Teneguia Princess, as it offers the chance to enjoy stargazing without the need for extensive travel.

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What is included

  • A 1 hour and 45 minutes guided observation at a private astronomical viewpoint
  • Star observation with the naked eye using an astronomical laser
  • Binocular observation
  • Telescope observation
  • Narratives about science, history, myths, and legends
  • A group photo with the stars
  • Toilets
  • Private parking
  • Accessibility for people with limited mobility
  • A personal bottle of water
  • A small souvenir from the team

La Palma Star Observation in Fuencaliente: A Night Under the Stars at the San Antonio Volcano

The activity starts at the Visitor Center of the San Antonio Volcano in Fuencaliente, known for its exceptionally clear skies, ideal for astronomical observations. You’ll not only see stars but also nebulas and star clusters, enhancing your understanding of space across time and distance. The tour promises a personalized experience in a small group of up to 10 people, ensuring detailed and undisturbed observation. You’ll also learn how various cultures view and understand the universe through myths and legends.

This program provides all necessary amenities for a comfortable experience, including accessibility for people with limited mobility and private facilities. By the end of the night, not only will you have observed the universe through advanced telescopes, but you will also feel like an amateur astronomer under one of the most impressive skies in the world.

Important Information:

  • The excursion is conducted in Spanish and English.
  • Please come dressed in warm and comfortable clothing suitable for winter, and wear appropriate footwear.
  • The realization of our activities depends on weather conditions. The weather is monitored daily using radars, satellite images, and data from weather stations to ensure the safety and feasibility of the activities. You will be informed of any changes, and it is possible that the activity may be rescheduled or canceled in case of unfavorable weather conditions. Appropriate refunds will be issued in such cases.

Map Meeting Point:

Entrance of the Visitor Center of San Antonio Volcano

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