Fuencaliente La Palma Canary Island, located on the southern tip of the island, boasts a rich history set against a breathtaking natural backdrop. The population primarily resides in the towns of Los Canarios and Las Indias, at an average altitude of 750 meters above sea level. The municipality’s name stems from the ancient Fuente Santa, a medicinal thermal spring buried by volcanic lava in the 17th century.

fuencaliente la palma

Discover Fuencaliente de La Palma: A Unique Blend of Volcanoes, Beaches, and Wines Amidst Natural Splendor

Throughout its history, Fuencaliente has witnessed several volcanic eruptions, with the Teneguía volcano’s 1971 eruption being particularly significant. This volcanic activity has shaped the municipality’s landscape, leading to the protection of its vast territories, including the Cumbre Vieja Natural Park, Fuencaliente Volcanoes Natural Reserve, Tamanca Protected Landscape, and the Salinas de Fuencaliente Site of Scientific Interest.

The local economy thrives on banana agriculture, tourism, vine cultivation, and wine production. Additionally, the municipality offers fascinating stargazing and astronomy experiences.

The highest point in Fuencaliente is the Volcán de Martín, standing at 1547 meters above sea level and located about 6.2 km from the urban center. Its majestic presence surrounded by nature makes it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and hikers.

Highlights in Fuencaliente La Palma

Fuencaliente Lighthouse

Located at the island’s southernmost point, this lighthouse offers panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding volcanic landscapes.

Salinas Fuencaliente

These traditional salt pans are mesmerizing. Visitors can learn about artisanal sea salt production and savor picturesque views.

Volcan San Antonio and Teneguía Visitors Center

Learn about the formation, history, and geological features of the San Antonio and Teneguía volcanoes. Guided tours and volcanic activities are available.

Teneguía Wine Cellars

Celebrate Fuencaliente’s viticulture by touring the Teneguía cellars, learning about the local wine-making tradition, and tasting renowned La Palma wines.

Explore the Beaches of Fuencaliente A Coastal Paradise on La Palma’s Southern Shore

Puntalarga beach:

A quaint coastal village known for its traditional homes and serene ambiance. Here, one can revel in mesmerizing sea views and wander through charming streets.

Zamora beach:

Nestled in a sheltered bay, this black sand beach offers tranquil waters and an extraordinary natural setting—ideal for relaxation, swimming, and sunbathing.

Echentive Beach and its Pools:

Near the former Fuente Santa site, this beach features natural pools carved from volcanic rocks, providing a one-of-a-kind seaside experience.

puntalarga beach la palma island

Notably, Fuencaliente also hosts the island’s largest resort: Hotel La Palma Princess Fuencaliente. This resort has become a cornerstone for tourists seeking luxury and relaxation amidst the island’s natural beauty.

Fuencaliente is the ideal destination for lovers of water excursions, as its coasts harbor a unique biodiversity. Check out the diving and snorkeling offerings in Fuencaliente!

These are just a few examples of the attractions Fuencaliente de La Palma offers. The blend of its rich history, volcanic landscapes, beaches, and wine culture makes this municipality a captivating destination to explore and relish.


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