Tazacorte, the sunniest

Regarded as a gem in the west of La Palma, Tazacorte is a charming municipality with a population of 4,620 inhabitants. With its prime location, it boasts ample sunlight hours and a sunny climate. Moreover, Tazacorte is renowned for being the home to the museum dedicated to the banana, a fruit that has been granted Protected Geographical Indication.

tazacorte old town with banana trees

Discover Tazacorte’s tropical beauty in La Palma: Family-friendly beach and exquisite flavors

The historic center is situated 107 meters above sea level but is renowned for housing one of the island’s finest beaches, known as Tazacorte Beach. Furthermore, Tazacorte Port offers a wide range of tourist services, such as water sports and thrilling boat excursions to spot whales and dolphins.

Framed by lush banana plantations is the iconic Hacienda de Abajo, the only 5-star hotel that blends elegance and charm within a historical setting. Guests can indulge in a luxurious stay while exploring the beautiful gardens and relishing the local cuisine at its restaurant.

However, this charming coastal town on La Palma’s northwest coast offers much more than expansive banana plantations.

What to see in Tazacorte

El Charco district

Its historic core is a testament to a valuable historical and artistic heritage, with grand manor houses dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. Here stands the first church built in La Palma, dedicated to Archangel Michael, symbolizing the area’s religious devotion.

Banana Museum, Tazacorte

Immerse yourself in Tazacorte’s banana history and its economic significance by visiting the Banana Museum. Learn about its cultivation, processing, and its impact on the local economy.

Tazacorte Beach

Revel in the stunning Tazacorte Beach, with its vast stretch of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. Relax under the sun, take a refreshing dip, or engage in thrilling water activities.

Tazacorte Port

Explore the enchanting Tazacorte Port, the starting point for boat trips in search of whales and dolphins. Plus, discover a lively area with restaurants, bars, and shops where you can taste the delightful local cuisine and enjoy the nightlife.

church tazacorte center

History of Tazacorte in La Palma: A journey through time in a charming coastal town

Alonso Fernández de Lugo began the conquest of La Palma at the mouth of the Las Angustias ravine, where Tazacorte Port stands today, on September 29, 1492. For centuries, this port was one of the island’s most significant, following the capital. Since the 16th century, national and foreign ships docked here to export goods like sugarcane and wine.

From 1919, the British company Fyffes Limited leased the farms of the town’s main landowners, promoting the banana industry. Thanks to plantation improvements and a rising export volume, by the mid-1920s, 70% of Tazacorte’s population was involved in the banana industry, significantly contributing to the Aridane Valley’s economic development.

In 1925, for three days, Tazacorte declared its independence from Spain. During this brief period, with their hunting rifles, they blocked anyone’s entry until a Spanish warship fired a shell that crossed the country’s skies, leading to their surrender. With its rich history, beautiful beaches, and crucial role in the banana industry, Tazacorte is a must-visit on the island of La Palma.

viewpint tazacorte beach and port

From its captivating landscapes to its alluring tourist attractions, Tazacorte offers an unforgettable experience for visitors. The blend of its sunny climate, dreamy beaches, and the locals’ warmth make this municipality the perfect spot for an unforgettable holiday.


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