El Time-Tazacorte Route

Discover the simple beauty of the El Time-Tazacorte route, an easy hiking route in La Palma, suitable for all levels. This short stretch of the GR 131 trail takes you from the El Time viewpoint to Tazacorte Beach, offering magnificent views of Los Llanos de Aridane and the entire valley. Enjoy the descent with breath-taking panoramas, culminating at Tazacorte beach and harbor where you can take a swim and savor fresh fish.

route el time
Route El Time

El Time-Tazacorte route, easy Hiking in La Palma

To return to the starting point where your vehicle is, you can opt to hike the route in reverse, book a taxi for approximately €15-18, or take the No. 110 bus line Los Llanos – Puntagorda.

Delight in the easy hiking in La Palma with this beautiful trail that will take your breath away!

walking el time to tazacorte

The Aridane Valley

On the island of La Palma, part of the Canary Archipelago, you’ll find the picturesque Aridane Valley, framed to the north by the Pico Time and to the south by the lava flows of the San Juan Volcano. The municipalities that belong to the Aridane Valley are Los Llanos, Tazacorte, and El Paso.

This fertile valley, home to beautiful beaches and extensive banana and avocado crops, has recently been impacted by the eruption of the Tajogaite Volcano. Around 10% of the land and a third of the banana plantations suffered losses due to a lack of irrigation and damage to facilities caused by volcanic ash, economically affecting thousands of people and their homes.

start of the route el time
viewpoint time

How to get to El Time Viewpoint without map


El Time viewpoint is located on LP1 road towards Tijarafe. Beside it, you’ll find a small parking lot where you can leave your car.


Use the 110 Los Llanos-Puntagorda line that also passes through Tazacorte.


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