The Volcano Route

Discover the thrilling Volcano Route La Palma, a unique natural trek that spans from the El Pilar Refuge to the Fuencaliente Lighthouse and Salinas. This path, which used to be an essential communication route between the regions of La Palma, crosses the municipalities of El Paso, Mazo, and Fuencaliente within the Cumbre Vieja Natural Park. With a length of 22 kilometers and a slope of 1,207 meters, this high-demand route reveals lunar landscapes dotted with historical craters, the majesty of Pico Bejenado, the Caldera de Taburiente and the Cumbre Nueva.

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Ruta de los Volcanes La Palma

Volcano Route La Palma: a challenging adventure with stunning views of the volcanic landscape of the island

The adventure begins at 1,440 m above sea level at El Pilar Refuge, gradually ascending south and offering spectacular panoramic views of the island. Observe Hoyo Negro and Duraznero, two volcanoes that erupted in 1949, and the colorful Martín Volcano. The most challenging part of the route culminates in Los Canarios, from where you will continue to the San Antonio Volcano and Teneguia, enjoying views of vineyards along the way. The journey will end upon reaching the Fuencaliente Lighthouse.

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Explore the Route of the Volcanoes with guide

Volcanic Majesty Awaits: Discover La Palma’s Stunning Volcano Route on a Guided Group Tour. Experience Cumbre Vieja’s Breathtaking Beauty!

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Explore the marvelous Route of the Volcanoes with adrenaline and adventure!

Thrilling Buggy Adventure: Join Our Guided Group Tour Along La Palma’s Volcano Route. Experience Cumbre Vieja’s Wonders Like Never Before!

Experience lunar landscapes and panoramic views of the island as you delve into a journey of approx. 8 hours, where you can spot endemic species such as the jackdaw and the kestrel. Connect with nature on this adventure between volcanoes and pine forests.

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Last Section of the Volcano Route or Teleguía Volcano Route

The Teneguía volcano route is a charming 6 km route and approximately 2 hours long towards the Fuencaliente Lighthouse. It begins by descending a trail that skirts the San Antonio Volcano. Although a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, this path becomes more comfortable and wider, allowing you to enjoy the views of the Teneguía Volcano.

The final stretch, which takes you from the Teneguía Volcano to the Fuencaliente Salt Flats, lasts about 1 hour and is characterized by a constant descent. As you approach the sea, you will enjoy the salty aroma and the view of the imposing lighthouse that enlarges on the horizon. Upon arriving at the Lighthouse and the Fuencaliente Salt Flats, you will find one of the most beautiful places in La Palma, where the sunsets are simply spectacular. Enjoy this short route with an expert guide.

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Don’t forget to visit the Fuencaliente Salt Flats and, at the end of your tour, take advantage of the local bus service that, with a frequency of approximately 2 hours, will take you back to the San Antonio Volcano visitor center.



  • Make sure to wear suitable clothing and footwear for hiking, as well as enough water, food, and sunscreen.
  • It is recommended to carry a map or GPS and a fully charged mobile phone for emergencies.
  • Check the weather factor: it is not recommended to go out when rain, wind, or heat waves are forecasted. Do not leave the trail.
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How to get to the Volcano Route without a map


We recommend that you park your car at the Fuencaliente Lighthouse and from there take a taxi to the El Pilar Refuge. The price is 50 € on weekdays.


By booking a guided group hike, the tour agency will take you back and forth with a minibus from your accommodation to the start of the route.


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