How do you get around La Palma?

Discover how to efficiently and comfortably visit de island and get around La Palma to fully enjoy its landscapes and tourist charms. Exploring the enchanting island of La Palma is possible in three ways: renting a car, taking a bus or ‘guagua’, and traveling by taxi.

how do you get around la palma

Rent a car La Palma: the best option to discover the island with total freedom

The Best Option for Exploring the Island Freely Renting a car in La Palma is an excellent choice, providing you with the freedom to discover the island’s various landscapes at your own pace. Furthermore, rental and fuel prices are reasonable, and there are numerous car rental options in La Palma. Various car rental companies operate on the island, most of which offer the convenience of car rental at La Palma airport, at the Port of Santa Cruz, or in Cancajos.

Although La Palma is a small island, covering just over 700 km2, distances can be longer than expected due to the island’s geography. The road network is good, with LP-1, LP-2, LP-3, LP-4, and LP-5 being the main roads. Generally, the roads are well-maintained and traffic is light. Indeed, leisurely driving through La Palma while admiring the landscape is a true pleasure.

Can you get round to La Palma without a car?

La Palma Island has good public services, so if you don’t drive, you still have plenty of opportunities to discover the island, such as by bus, taxi, or with daily available guided group tours.

Bus La Palma

If you prefer to use the La Palma bus (Guagua), the island’s transport service, La Palma, offers a wide range of bus lines that connect the main urban centers and are also punctual and inexpensive. However, they do not reach all points of interest, such as Roque de los Muchachos or La Caldera de Taburiente. Remember that you can book a transfer or one of the many excursions at any time, which will take you from near your accommodation to the starting point of the tour.

Some of the main lines are the 500, 300, 200, and 210, with more options available on the official website:

  • Bus 500 La Palma: From Santa Cruz de La Palma to the airport, passing through Cancajos in 30 minutes. Up to Cancajos, it takes only about 20 minutes. The price is about 2.50 €.
  • Bus 300 La Palma: From Santa Cruz de La Palma to Los Llanos de Aridane, via La Cumbre (road LP-3) in 50 minutes, passing through El Paso. The price is about 2.50 €.
  • Line 200: From Santa Cruz de La Palma to Fuencaliente in 50 minutes.
  • Line 210: From Fuencaliente to Los Llanos de Aridane in 50 minutes.

Taxi La Palma

A Comfortable Option for Exploring at Your Own Pace Lastly, taxis are another option for getting around the island. You will find taxi stands in all urban centers, where professional taxi drivers will take you anywhere and also share information and curiosities about La Palma.

La Palma Taxi: Private Tours and La Palma Airport Transfers : call +34 639 357 989

Book guided tours with pickup

Find accommodation in the main locations and to explore the island, book guided tours or transfer with pickup at your hotel or the nearest bus stop.

Experience La Palma on more than 30 unforgettable excursions

Live La Palma with more than 30 guided tours. Choose your adventure: thrilling boat rides, hikes through volcanic landscapes, or comfortable bus tours. Discover every corner of the island!


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