La Palma walking Routes

This stunning island is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts, with a network of La Palma trails spanning diverse landscapes and difficulty levels. From dense laurel forests to imposing volcanoes, La Palma offers you a unique adventure on every hike.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the hikes in La Palma that will connect you with nature and allow you to discover the rich biodiversity, unique geology, and incredible history of this ‘Beautiful Island’. Take in the panoramic views, breathe in the fresh air, and immerse yourself in the serenity of these pristine landscapes as you explore the hiking routes of La Palma.

Useful Information

Check the Status of the Trails

Check the status of the trails and make sure they are open and in good condition before you set out.

Check the Weather Alerts

Before venturing into the network of La Palma trails, it's very important to check if there are any weather alerts.

La Palma Hiking Trails

If you enjoy hiking, you’re in the right place. The island has a wide network of trails that will allow you to discover its natural and cultural beauty. Here are some of the best hikes in La Palma, also being the most popular:

  1. Route of the Volcanoes: This is one of the most famous and spectacular routes on the island. It takes you through the lava fields and the craters of the San Antonio and Teneguía volcanoes. It’s a demanding hike, but the panoramic views it offers are stunning.

  2. Route of the Caldera de Taburiente: If you prefer a greener, more forested landscape, this route will take you through the Caldera de Taburiente National Park. The trail follows the Taburiente river and will take you through lush laurel and Canary pine forests.

  3. Route of the Springs of Marcos and Cordero: This circular route will take you through the interior of the island, where you can discover the springs of two rivers: Marcos and Cordero. The landscape is spectacular and will take you through tunnels and waterfalls.

It’s important to remember that some trails may be closed for safety or conservation reasons. Please respect the signs and do not enter closed trails. It’s also advisable to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for mountain hiking, as well as carry water, sunscreen, and refreshments for hydration.

  • What are the best easy trails in La Palma?

    Some of the best easy trails in La Palma include: from Mirador de la Cumbrecita to Mirador Lomo de las Chozas, in the surroundings of the Laguna de Barlovento, the descent to Nogales beach, from the village of San Andres to Charco Azul, from the Los Tilos Visitor Center to the waterfall, the shortest route in Cubo de la Galga, and Buracas.

  • La Palma trails are closed, why?

    La Palma trails might be closed due to several reasons, primarily related to ensuring the safety of visitors and locals. The Cabildo de La Palma (the island government) can decide to close trails for safety reasons in cases of meteorological alerts or fire risk alerts. This could involve conditions such as high winds, extreme heat, or other hazardous weather conditions that make trekking unsafe.

  • Are La Palma trails safe?

    Yes, the trails in La Palma are safe. All of the famous hikes on the island are in good condition and well-marked.

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