Laurisilva forest

La Palma, with 25% of its surface covered by laurisilva forest, is home to one of the few reserves of this ancient deciduous tree forest that thrived on Earth millions of years ago. Due to its high altitude and its position as the furthest island from the African continent, La Palma boasts unique climatic conditions that grant it an expansive green cover, distinguishing it from other Canary Islands and earning its nickname as the “Green Island.”

laurisilva forest

Discover the magical Laurisilva forest of La Palma: a journey into the heart of the Green Island in the Canaries

This lush rainforest houses around 20 tree species, including laurels, lindens, viñáticos, barbusanos, and a myriad of secondary plants like giant ferns and mosses. Humidity and mild temperatures are essential in this natural haven, where the conservation and growth of laurisilva in La Palma reach astonishing levels. It’s no surprise that trails diving into this unique ecosystem are a primary attraction for those visiting the island.

Laurisilva forest of La Palma is mainly found in the north and east of the island, forming dense jungles over a broad area stretching from Roque Niquiomo (Mazo) to the highlands of Garafía. There are numerous places to immerse oneself in this ecosystem, some well-known and others less frequented by tourists. Most visitors head to the forests in the municipalities of Puntallana, San Andrés y Sauce, and Barlovento, where two emblematic sites stand out: the trail of Marcos y Cordero and El Cubo de la Galga, as well as the Los Tilos Forest and Waterfall. The laurisilva forest in La Palma is a spectacle of biodiversity and lush vegetation that captivates at first sight. This serene and harmless jungle, rich in mosses, silence, and lushness, is one of the world’s rare laurisilva reserves, an ancient deciduous tree forest that flourished millions of years ago on our planet.

laurisilva la palma

Which is the greenest Canary Island?

La Palma is often considered the greenest Canary Island due to its extensive laurisilva forest coverage and the unique climatic conditions it enjoys.

Why is La Palma so green?

La Palma’s lushness is attributed to its unique climatic conditions due to its high altitude and its position as the furthest Canary Island from the African continent. This, combined with the vast laurisilva forest that covers a significant portion of its geography, results in the island being particularly verdant.


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