Cubo de la Galga Trail

Embark on the magical adventure of the Cubo de la Galga in La Palma, an impressive 4-kilometer circular trail of low difficulty, perfect for the whole family. In approximately two hours, enjoy the lush laurel forest, the cool shade, and the tropical beauty that reminds you of places like the cloud forests of Costa Rica. You can opt for the shorter version of the self-guided Cubo de la Galga trail, leaving the car in the La Galga tunnel and entering the trail on foot. Marvel at the nature and vegetation of the Green Island, a treasure that evokes the presence of elves in every corner.

Cubo de la Galga Flora
Cubo de La Galga Flowers

Cubo de la Galga Route

It is an ancient ravine on the northeastern slope of La Palma, offering a lush laurel forest in the municipalities of Puntallana and San Andrés. This fascinating ecosystem features viñátigos, hollies, barbusanos, laurels, ferns, and linden trees. To explore it, there are several routes adapted to your preferences:

  1. The most extensive route (12 km) begins in Puntallana, covering beyond the Cubo de la Galga and connecting with the GR 130 coastal trail.
  2. The typical circular route (9 km, 3 hours) starts and ends at the Cubo de la Galga Visitor Center, being simple, well signposted and perfect for exploring independently.
  3. A shortened variant, focuses on the circular stage and the ascent and descent to the Somada Alta viewpoint.
  4. The shortest and most accessible option (2 km) starts from the Visitor Center. The trail is self-guided, perfect to do with children.
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Explore Cubo de La Galga with a guide

Embark on a Fairy-Tale Journey: Enchanting Group Excursion Through La Palma’s Mystical Cubo de La Galga Forest Awaits You!


  • Wear appropriate hiking footwear with good grip, as the terrain can be slippery, especially in wet areas.
  • Carry a waterproof jacket and warm clothing in case of rain or sudden temperature changes. It is also recommended to carry a backpack with water, food, sunscreen, a hat, and a map or GPS.
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How to get to the Cubo de la Galga trail without a map

Accessing the picturesque Cubo de la Galga trail is simple.


Drive along the LP1 (North General Road), connecting Santa Cruz de La Palma with San Andrés and Sauces.

After passing through the El Cubo tunnel, you will find a parking lot on your left. If it is full, there is another parking lot further ahead, to the right of the road.


You can get there by bus (n.100) or taxi.


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