Puntallana, located on the eastern side of La Palma, is marked by its elevation at 420 meters above sea level and its proximity to the capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma. With a population of 2,547, this charming municipality has transitioned from wheat farming to the cultivation of grapes, vegetables, fruits, and notably, bananas, which can be found at the local farmer’s market on weekends.

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Natural Beauty and Agricultural Tradition in Puntallana: A Charming Corner of La Palma in the East of the Island

Puntallana’s beauty spans from the coast to the mountains, forming a triangle of fertile lands that host several organic farms. The municipality has a significant agricultural tradition, with cereal crops, such as wheat, being vital for producing bread and gofio. Along the coastlines, one can enjoy awe-inspiring panoramic views with vast banana terraces. Puntallana’s deep ravines offer naturally stunning landscapes that add to its distinctive allure.

Puntallana houses one of La Palma’s most important forests, known as the Cubo de La Galga. This wooded environment offers a sanctuary for biodiversity and is an ideal spot for outdoor activities and connecting with nature. Also, along Puntallana’s coastlines is one of the island’s best beaches, Nogales Beach, enchanting with its natural beauty, as well as other secluded coves like Trigo Beach.

With its rich agricultural tradition, stunning natural landscapes, and a strategic location near the capital, Puntallana offers visitors a unique experience on La Palma. Exploring its organic farms, delving into the La Galga forests, and enjoying pristine beaches are just a few attractions making Puntallana an unmissable destination for nature and culture enthusiasts.

What to see in Puntallana, La Palma: In Puntallana, La Palma, you’ll find a variety of interesting places to visit

Nogales Beach and Puerto Trigo Beach

Experience beautiful black sand beaches with crystal-clear waters, perfect for relaxation and enjoying the natural surroundings. Particularly, Nogales Beach has been recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain by National Geographic.

Cubo de la Galga, Puntallana La Palma

Venture into this magnificent forest, one of the most essential natural spaces in La Palma. Explore the lush vegetation and captivating trails of the Cubo de La Galga.

San Bartolo Lookout

Gaze upon panoramic views of Puntallana and its surroundings from the San Bartolo Lookout. Enjoy breathtaking landscapes and capture memorable photographs.

Luján House

Visit this old manor house that transports you back in time. Delve into the history of Puntallana residents and their connection with maritime boom and expeditions to the Americas.

Farmer’s Market Puntallana La Palma

Browse through this local market where you can find fresh products and handicrafts. Immerse yourself in Puntallana’s agricultural culture and savor local flavors purchased at the municipal market.

Enjoy these attractions in Puntallana and discover the natural beauty, history, and culture this charming municipality of La Palma offers.

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