Villa de Mazo

Discover the charm of Villa de Mazo, located in southeastern La Palma Island, Spain, home to 4,905 residents and the island’s sole airport. Nestled 500 meters above sea level, the town boasts a rich history, culture, traditions, and craftwork.

villa de mazo

Dive into the treasures of Villa de Mazo: Unveiling History, Craftsmanship, and Nature in La Palma’s Southeast

Mazo stands out for its array of traditional crafts, notably its renowned embroideries, boasting the highest concentration of artisans on the island. The Insular Craft School is headquartered in this municipality. The enchanting historic center, with its ancient cobbled streets, beckons visitors to soak in La Palma’s deep-rooted traditions and history. The Plaza de Villa de Mazo is adorned with classical buildings, including the Town Hall, enhancing its appeal.

The artisan tradition shines through at the Red House (Casa Roja), where one can purchase handmade products and view reproductions and photographs linked to Corpus Christi, the municipality’s principal festivity. A network of well-marked trails guides visitors through the verdant expanse of Cumbre Vieja Natural Park. Furthermore, the Belmaco Cave Archaeological Park offers a dive into rock art and La Palma’s indigenous past.

Villa de Mazo also features the coastal neighborhood of Salemera, a spot frequented by locals for fishing and swimming, as they watch boats docking with fresh local fish. This municipality presents a harmonious blend of history, nature, craftsmanship, and traditions, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the cultural and scenic richness of Villa de Mazo.

What to See in Villa de Mazo La Palma

In the municipality of Mazo, there are various intriguing sites to explore:

Mazo Market:

Truly embodying local essence, here you’ll find fresh produce, crafts, and regional specialties. It’s a perfect spot to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Villa de Mazo.

Belmaco Cave:

This archaeological park transports visitors to La Palma’s indigenous era. Explore a cave adorned with rock paintings and delve deeper into the island’s history and culture.

Red House (Casa Roja):

Located in Mazo’s historical heart, this emblematic site mirrors the town’s artisan tradition. Here, you can buy handmade items and view reproductions and photos of the significant local event, Corpus Christi.

Salemera Beach:

This picturesque coastal area is where locals come to fish and relish the sea. Gaze upon the boats docking with the day’s fresh catch. It’s an idyllic location to unwind and appreciate the maritime surroundings.

phare salemera la palma

In summary, Mazo presents a unique blend of history, craftsmanship, nature, and traditions. From the charming municipal market to the intriguing Belmaco Cave, the iconic Red House, and the serene Salemera Beach, this municipality has much to offer its visitors.


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