Mazo Market

Villa de Mazo Market is a delightful space where you can enjoy the essence of La Palma and discover the richness of its crafts, gastronomy, and local products. Held on weekends, this market offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in Palmeran culture and take a piece of the island home with you.

mazo market

At the Villa de Mazo Market, you’ll find a wide variety of products, including:

  • Palmeran Crafts. The main attraction of the market is its focus on local craftsmanship. Here you can find ceramics, basketry, embroidery, wooden objects, and other handmade creations that reflect La Palma’s tradition and culture.
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. In addition to crafts, the market offers a selection of fresh and local fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, avocados, papayas, and other products from Palmeran gardens.
  • Dairy Products and Deli Meats. At the Villa de Mazo Market, you can also taste artisan cheeses and local deli meats, perfect for an outdoor meal or as a souvenir.
  • Gastronomy Area. The market features a gastronomy area where you can find tables and chairs to enjoy the island’s typical products, like meat sandwiches, Palmeran mojo, gofio, and other delicious dishes.
  • Natural Juices. Don’t miss the natural juices offered at the market, made with fresh and local fruits. They’re an excellent way to refresh yourself while browsing the market and discovering its treasures.
mazo mercadillo

Villa de Mazo Market and La Palma Island Markets: Quality Crafts and Gastronomy

Villa de Mazo Market is a must-stop during your visit to La Palma. Here, you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and firsthand experience the island’s cultural and gastronomic richness. Seize this opportunity to take home a unique and authentic memento of your stay in La Palma and appreciate the hospitality of its people.

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Villa de Mazo Market Map


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