Guarapo Juice

In La Palma, sugarcane has been traditionally cultivated for producing sugarcane honey, rum, or spirits. However, guarapo juice is extracted from sugarcane, wasn’t a commonly consumed drink, as it was primarily used for medicinal purposes.

guarapo juice

Guarapo Juice in La Palma: Dive into the Tropics with a Refreshing Sip

Originally from Asia, sugarcane spread to Spain and was subsequently introduced to the Canary Islands by conquerors before making its way to America. In La Palma, small sugarcane plots are found in Tijarafe, Barlovento, Los Sauces, and Los Llanos. The juices can be enjoyed at various typical stalls with metal presses to extract the fresh juice, ready to drink.

Augusto Rodríguez, the pioneer of guarapo production and sales in La Palma, has been cultivating organic sugarcane for 20 years, which forms the primary ingredient for his refreshing and flavorful guarapos. Guarapo is mixed with passion fruit, lemon, orange, or ginger for children, while mojitos or caipirinhas are made for adults with local spirits from Ron Aldea. If you want to enjoy the sugarcane juice made by Augusto, you can find it in the municipal markets of La Palma: Mazo, Breña Alta, Puntagorda, and Santa Cruz every day, as well as at some festivals. Sugarcane guarapo is an indispensable ingredient for making the best mojitos to be enjoyed during our vacations in La Palma, especially at the magical Indianos festival.

Sugarcane Guarapo’s Health Benefits

Sugarcane guarapo, also known as natural sugarcane juice, is a traditional drink made from the fresh juice extracted from sugarcane. Besides being delicious and refreshing, guarapo has numerous health benefits.

Firstly, guarapo has diuretic properties, which help eliminate toxins from the body and prevent fluid retention. It also has tonic and purifying properties, making it a good choice to improve digestive system function and cleanse the liver.

Sugarcane is an excellent source of minerals and nutrients, and guarapo retains many of these benefits. Moreover, when mixed with lemon or orange, guarapo becomes a vitamin-rich drink, especially abundant in vitamin C, essential for maintaining a robust and healthy immune system.

Though primarily consumed as a refreshing drink, its nutritional value makes guarapo ideal for fighting colds and coughs. When mixed with local spirits, like Ron Aldea, it can transform into an adult drink, like the famous mojito or caipirinha.

In summary, sugarcane guarapo is a tasty and nutritious drink with numerous health benefits. Its popularity in La Palma has contributed to the preservation of an ancient tradition that continues to delight both visitors and residents alike.


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