Restaurants in La Palma

Wondering where to eat in La Palma? Discover a diverse culinary scene influenced by Cuban and Venezuelan cultures, offering everything from fresh seafood and traditional Canarian dishes to Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in both casual and elegant settings.

restaurant in los llanos de aridane

El Duende del Fuego Gastrobar (Los Llanos de Aridane)

Experience creative km0 cuisine at El Duende del Fuego, a top restaurant in Los Llanos de Aridane …
el casino restaurant la palma

El Casino Restaurant (Santa Cruz de La Palma)

Experience top dining at El Casino, one of the best restaurants in Santa Cruz de La Palma, with vegan options …
las tres chimeneas

Las Tres Chimeneas (Breña Alta)

Dine at Las Tres Chimeneas a Palma for delicious international dishes, beautiful garden seating, and exceptional service …
restaurant la lonja santa cruz de la palma

Restaurant La Lonja (Santa Cruz de La Palma)

Restaurant La Lonja: Enjoy Spanish and European cuisine with sea views in Santa Cruz de La Palma …
fish restaurant of la palma

Casa Goyo Restaurant (near Airport)

Casa Goyo: Enjoy fresh fish, seafood, and Canarian cuisine in private dining rooms with sea views in La Palma …

La Palma, known for its rich history and cultural influence from Cuba and Venezuela, offers a unique culinary variety. On the island, you can find restaurants for all tastes and budgets: from fresh seafood restaurants with sea views to gastro bars using high-quality km0 products. Additionally, there are more affordable traditional restaurants, establishments in iconic and elegant settings, and options for Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Along the coast, there are numerous beach bars where you can enjoy fresh fish. In the northern part of the island, traditional Canarian restaurants are more common, offering the best goat meat and grilled meat dishes.

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