La Palma South Bus Tour

Witness the dramatic contrast of the blackened Tajogaite volcano in Las Manchas to the verdant expanses of La Cumbrecita. Gain insights into Spain’s most recent volcanic occurrence and the transformative power of the Tajogaite eruption.

What’s included:

  • 8 hours Excursion
  • Pick up from specific area
  • Guide
  • Bus 4×4

What’s not included:

  • Food and drinks

Details of La Palma South Tour Through Volcanic Wonders

volcan san antonio fuencaliente

Set out on an immersive La Palma volcanos tour in the south, guided expertly aboard a 4×4 bus, the only vehicle permitted on certain terrains. Dive into the volcanic narrative of Fuencaliente, where the legacies of the San Antonio and Teneguía volcanoes reside. Up until 2021, Teneguía held the title of the newest volcano in Spain.

Salt Mines and Volcanic Marvels: La Isla Bonita’s Southern Spectacle

cumbre vieja la palma

A highlight of your La Palma south excursion is the picturesque scene of the lighthouse juxtaposed with traditional salt mines – the final such establishment in the Canary Islands and a gem in La Isla Bonita. The tour’s pinnacle is the Las Manchas area, home to the recently birthed Tajogaite volcano, a marvel that showcases nature’s raw capability to reshape landscapes. As you reach the Mirador de Las Hoyas viewpoint, you’ll see the new land formations, or lava deltas, created when molten rock meets the ocean.

Your 4×4 bus will traverse the freshly formed route that reconnects the northern and southern portions of the Aridane Valley. Conclude your trip to La Palma with breathtaking vistas from La Cumbrecita, offering a panoramic view of La Caldera de Taburiente National Park.

cumbrecita la palma

Meeting Point:

Fuencaliente, Los Cancajos, Santa Cruz de La Palma. The meeting point can change based on your location.

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