Cumbrecita Viewpoint

The Cumbrecita La Palma viewpoint is a spectacular natural balcony located in the heart of the island of the island, in the Caldera de Taburiente National Park.

cumbrecita viewpoint

La Cumbrecita La Palma

This impressive viewpoint offers panoramic views of the caldera, a natural basin six and a half kilometers in diameter. Its dozens of pine-covered ravines guarantee an unforgettable experience.

However, to make your visit from 8:30 to 16:00, it is essential to book La Cumbrecita parking in advance, as access and parking at the site have been regulated since 2007. After 16:00, access is possible without a reservation.

Book Parking at La Cumbrecita

The La Cumbrecita viewpoint is located in the municipality of El Paso. To visit during the middle hours of the day, it is necessary to obtain prior authorization from National Parks. It is recommended to request this authorization days before your arrival in La Palma, to ensure access to the viewpoint on the desired date. Upon arrival, you must place a copy of the authorization in a visible place in your vehicle, while the other copy must be given to the park ranger.

Reserve parking at La Cumbrecita: Click here

ATTENTION: The entry of dogs or any other animals and/or exotic plants to the park is prohibited.

cumbrecita la palma

Bus Tour Volcanic Landscape and Cumbrecita

Book an exciting 4×4 bus tour to admire the volcanic landscape of the south of the island, which includes the impressive viewpoint of La Cumbrecita!

Routes from the Cumbrecita Viewpoint

From the fascinating Cumbrecita viewpoint, visitors can explore a variety of trails. The most accessible is the one leading to the extraordinary Lomo de las Chozas viewpoint. This short route of approximately 2.25 kilometers in total (round trip) has practically flat terrain, making it suitable for all skill levels and ages. Additionally, this trail offers amazing views that will surely captivate all nature lovers.

cumbrecita lookout


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