Espigón Atravesado Viewpoint

The Espigón Atravesado viewpoint in La Palma is the peak of a volcanic dyke overlooking the Barranco del Agua ravine. Access is via stairs with double wooden railings. While completely safe, the final steps may be daunting even for those not prone to vertigo. However, those who reach the top are rewarded with a 360-degree breathtaking view of a lush laurel forest.

espigon atravesado viewpoint

Espigón Atravesado Viewpoint La Palma: A Stunning Glimpse into Los Tilos Forest in La Palma

The round trip to the Espigón Atravesad is about 5 kilometers. Beginning in the Los Tilos Forest, near the visitor center, we follow the trail marked “Mirador Espigón Atravesado” and “Nacientes de Marcos y Cordero”. Right away, a wide uphill path covered in leaves greets us. As we go further, the incline increases, taking us between volcanic stone walls, winding upwards. The final stretch is surrounded by lush, multi-green toned vegetation and bird songs. Walking amid the dense laurel forest, we feel immersed in a truly unique natural setting.

Suddenly, we realize we’re on a genuine ledge, noticing the narrow path with its wooden railing and the stone steps leading to the viewpoint. The entrance to the Mirador Espigón Atravesado is clearly marked and easily identifiable. As hikers approach the steps, they’ll find a sign conveniently placed at the foot, indicating mobile phone coverage for emergencies.

bird los tilos forest
mobile coverage point los tilos

Reaching the Espigón Atravesado:


This viewpoint is located in the enchanting Los Tilos Forest. To get there, you’ll need to walk around 2.5 km on this marked trail.


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