La Palma Rum Museum

A short distance from the famous Charco Azul is the Aldea Rum Distillery in La Palma. It is the perfect place to experience the blend of nature, history, culture, tradition, and quality.

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La Palma Rum: Here, Aldea rums are produced, crafted with top-quality ingredients such as freshly cut sugar cane and pristine water

The rum from La Palma is unique because of its direct distillation from Cane Juice, a technique not commonly used in spirit production.

Unlike most distilled spirits that utilize residual sugar molasses, the rum from La Palma is made from freshly extracted sweet cane juice, thereby retaining its genuine taste and aroma. This technique is practiced at the Ron Aldea Distillery, one of the island’s most ancient and traditional establishments.

Discover the Ron Aldea Distillery in La Palma: a unique experience of flavor and tradition

Since 1936, the Quevedo family has preserved the century-old tradition inherited from their Rum Masters. In the Aldea Rum Interpretation Museum, visitors can learn about the entire production process, from sugar cane to rum. The distillery also produces Honey Rum, a delight for those with a sweet palate.

The Aldea Rum factory has been a significant source of employment for local farmers and reached production levels of up to 200,000 liters in a single harvest by the late 40s. If you wish to purchase a bottle of Aldea rum to take home, bear in mind that its price is fair given its quality and the tradition it embodies.

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Visit the Aldea Distillery with the tour to the north of the island

By Booking the tour to the north of La Palma, a visit to the Distillery is included


How to get to Aldea Distillery and the rum and sugar cane interpretation museum


The distillery is located a short distance from Charco Azul and Puerto Espíndola, in San Andrés y Sauces. There is a large parking lot nearby.


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