Caldera de Taburiente Visitor Center

The Caldera de Taburiente National Park boasts a modern and well-equipped Visitor Center, regarded as the most significant among the various information points managed by the park. This center serves as the perfect spot to fetch updated information about the trails within the park and to gain knowledge about the area’s geology, hydrology, fauna, and flora.

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Caldera de Taburiente Visitor Center: Your starting point to explore the majestic National Park

The center features an exhibit with general descriptions of the protected areas. It also houses a video library with specific audiovisual material and a library detailing the history of Caldera de Taburiente and the natural history of the Canary Islands. Additionally, maps of the caldera, guides, and brochures are available for purchase. Here, you’ll receive essential information, discover fascinating facts about Caldera de Taburiente, and expert guides will advise you on the local flora and fauna.

Moreover, the visitor center offers a terrace with panoramic views of the park and an educational botanical garden showcasing some of La Palma’s most significant endemic plants

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Caldera de Taburiente Visitor Center Hours:

Trekking and spectacular views from the Caldera’s Visitor Center

The Caldera’s visitor center is the starting point for several challenging hiking routes designed for seasoned trekkers. However, a shorter, picturesque route is also an option. This trail begins behind the visitor center and meanders through a pastoral landscape, leading to the Pino hermitage.

Off the street, next to the facility, is the access to the Cumbrecita viewpoint, offering one of the island’s most breathtaking views.

How to reach the Caldera de Taburiente from the Visitor Center


The Visitor Center is located in the municipality of El Paso, on the main Lp3 road connecting Santa Cruz de La Palma and Los Llanos. It has ample parking.


Close to the Visitor Center is the bus stop no. 300, linking Santa Cruz and Los Llanos de Aridane.


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