La Palma Island Museum

The La Palma Island Museum is located in the old 16th-century Franciscan convent, a building constructed in the traditional architecture of the Canary Islands. Owned by the Island Council of La Palma, the museum is divided into several sections: archaeology, ethnology, natural sciences, and nautical.

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Art, Natural History, and Ethnography of The Beautiful Island

Inside the Museum Santa Cruz de La PalmaLa Palma Island Museum, there are other museums. The Fine Arts Museum showcases Flemish works from the 16th century, paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries, and a section dedicated to the Palmeran painter Carmen Arozena.

  • The Ethnography or Man Museum displays pieces and collections related to local traditions connected with domestic, agricultural, and artisanal life.
  • The Natural History Museum exhibits elements associated with terrestrial and marine fauna, such as mammals, reptiles, and birds from the Canaries and other parts of the world.
  • The Island Library José Pérez Vidal and the General Archive of La Palma are also found here.

The building has an entrance gate under the bell tower and two interior courtyards providing access to the different museum rooms.

Moreover, on the building’s perimeter walls, one can see the fourteen crosses corresponding to the Stations of the Cross. These crosses are adorned by neighbors with flowers or jewels every May 3rd for the Fiestas de Las Cruces (Feast of the Crosses). In conclusion, the Santa Cruz de La Palma Museum is an essential place to understand the island’s history, culture, and nature.

Museum Hours

How to get to the La Palma Island Museum


The museum is located in Plaza San Francesco, situated in the pedestrian historic center of Santa Cruz de La Palma. It is very challenging to find parking on adjacent streets. Therefore, it’s advisable to park in one of Santa Cruz de La Palma’s parking areas, for instance, near Alameda Square or on the Maritime Avenue.


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