Archaeological park El Tendal

The Tendal Archaeological Park La Palma is located in the San Juan Ravine at Los Galguitos (San Andrés y Sauces). It’s an intriguing archaeological site of significant importance. At this site, you’ll find an awe-inspiring natural cave, over 60 meters wide, that was home to at least twenty Benahoaritas, the indigenous people of La Palma, for roughly a thousand years.

el tendal

Tendal La Palma: Unearth the Archaeological Gems of the Island at an Enthralling Pre-Hispanic Site

The archaeological park encompasses a diverse array of caves, both on the ravine’s slopes and in the surrounding area, including 27 dwelling caves, surface settlements, burial sites, and a small station of rock carvings. Throughout five excavation campaigns, thousands of archaeological artifacts have been unearthed and examined, offering invaluable insight into the life and culture of La Palma’s ancient inhabitants. Delve deeper into this history by visiting the Benahorita Museum.

At the Visitor Center of the Tendal Archaeological Park, guests can access detailed information about the research conducted in the cave and the former canton of Adeyahamen (now San Andrés y Sauces). Special attention is given to the utilization of the natural environment, the magical-religious beliefs of the natives (evident in the rock engravings, stone piles, and channel-bowl sets), and burial practices.

The center’s exhibition showcases genuine archaeological pieces, explanatory panels, and an assortment of multimedia materials, featuring a scientific documentary and fictional short films. Moreover, a video mapping provides an immersive and unparalleled experience at the Tendal Archaeological Park. The highly skilled and friendly staff will be pleased to assist you.


Tendal is situated on Lp1, the main northern road of the island. Simply drive to the Hermitage of San Juan de los Galguitos.


Bus no.100 Santa Cruz de La Palma – Barlovento stops right at the entrance to Tendal.


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