Benahoarita Museum

The Benahoarita Archaeological Museum (MAB) is the most significant archaeological museum on La Palma, located in Los Llanos de Aridane and managed by the Island Council of La Palma.

benahoarita museum los llanos la palma

Discover the pre-Hispanic culture of the ancient Canarians

Opened in 2007, the museum features a permanent exhibition dedicated to the benahoaritas, the early inhabitants of the island before the Spanish conquest in the 15th century. Inside, visitors can learn about the habitat, industries, environmental utilization, and magical-religious beliefs of the aborigines.

The museum building, with a total area of 2,889 square meters and a circular layout of three levels, hosts both permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as areas for research, treatment, and conservation of archaeological pieces. It’s a must-visit for lovers of the Canary Islands and the history of La Palma in particular.

history of la palma- belmaco

Discover the History of La Palma

From the earliest inhabitants to the present, explore the curiosities and traditions of this unique island.

How to get to the Benahoarita Museum in Los Llanos de Aridane


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