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The Naval Museum of the Ship of the Virgin is one of the most important museums on the island of La Palma. An iconic symbol of Santa Cruz de La Palma, it also serves as the stage for numerous city shows and events.

naval museum santa cruz de la palma

Explore La Palma’s maritime history at the Naval Museum Santa Cruz de La Palma- Ship of the Virgin

This museum boasts an extensive collection of items related to La Palma’s maritime culture, including 18th-century sea charts of great historical value. The museum is housed in a large wooden ship, a replica of Christopher Columbus’s caravel Santa María.

A visit to the naval Ship of the Virgin museum is a must for those interested in the history of the island of La Palma and the Canary Islands in general. The exhibits highlight key figures in the island’s history and the significance of the ship in the Lustral Descent of the Virgin of the Snows, the patron saint of La Palma, celebrated every five years. During this event, the “Dialogue between the Castle and the Ship” is performed, a work by poet Antonio Rodríguez, in homage to the island’s naval past and the Virgin’s maritime patronage.

naval museum la palma

The construction of the galleon dates back to 1940, and it was inaugurated as a museum in 1975. Located in the Alameda Square at the end of the pedestrian street Perez de Brito,in the Santa Cruz de La Palma old town. It is easily accessible to visitors wanting to explore the museums of La Palma and its maritime history.

How to get to the Ship of the Virgin in Santa Cruz de La Palma


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