Santa Cruz de La Palma Old Town

Santa Cruz de La Palma old town, the island’s capital and one of the most beautiful colonial-style localities in the Canary Islands, is a place worth exploring for several hours. Life in Santa Cruz unfolds at a different pace. Its cobblestone streets, stately homes, and wooden balconies adorned with flowers transport us to its rich history as a significant port in 16th-century Europe. Don’t miss the opportunity to join a free tour in the historic city center with a competent and friendly guide!

santa cruz de la palma old town

Explore the Colonial Beauty and Maritime History of Santa Cruz de La Palma Old Town

This charming city, with a long maritime tradition, whispers stories of corsairs, conquerors, and great transoceanic adventures. The most unmissable historic districts of the city include Calle Real, La Alameda, San Telmo, and La Luz, the latter easily accessible via the glass elevator located next to the Post Office and bus station.

You can’t miss the opportunity to wander these charming streets of the historic center. O’Daly Street and Anselmo Pérez Brito Street form the main street (Calle Real), reflecting a clear connection with the city’s past as a starting and return point for ships sailing to America. With its colonial style, brightly colored facades, charming squares, and alleys that invite you to get lost, as well as shops, bars, and charming restaurants, Santa Cruz de La Palma captivates visitors.

If you’re wondering what to see in Santa Cruz de La Palma old town, don’t miss this list full of attractions that will reveal the charms of this enchanting city.

avenida maritima santa cruz de la palma old town

What to See in Santa Cruz de La Palma Old Town

  • Casa Salazar. Located at O Dali Street No. 22, Palacio Salazar is a fine example of noble architecture with a beautiful central courtyard. Today, conferences and traveling exhibitions are held in its facilities.
  • Plaza de España, Town Hall, and San Salvador Church. Undoubtedly one of the best Renaissance complexes in the Canaries. It is the heart of Santa Cruz de La Palma. The impressive church with its Arabesque-tinged coffered ceiling and its picturesque square is a neuralgic center for cultural meetings, concerts, activities.
  • Placeta de Borrero: A charming corner with outdoor cafes and restaurants, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the local atmosphere.
  • Plaza de Vandale. After a fire destroyed Brier House, in 1948 the town hall created this square, which centrally features the work “Los Divinos,” honoring the Christmas groups that sing through the city streets in the early mornings leading up to Christmas day. This is a tradition of Santa Cruz de La Palma during the Christmas season on the island.
  • Plaza de La Alameda. A beautiful space surrounded by palm trees and colonial buildings, which also hosts the Barco de La Virgen.
  • Balconies of Avenida Marítima. A section of this avenue is adorned with colonial houses painted in different tones, with wonderful wooden balconies full of flowers looking out to the sea.
  • Colonial Houses of San Telmo Neighborhood. A charming neighborhood that houses beautiful colonial houses and cobbled streets, showcasing the city’s historical legacy.
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Free tour of the city in a company of a pasionate guide

Discover Santa Cruz de La Palma on a Free Tour with a Passionate and Knowledgeable Guide: Uncover Hidden Gems.

Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Santa Cruz de La Palma’s Streets: A Charming Walk Through Its Historic Center

  • San Sebastián Street. Walk along a charming street that leads from the homonymous square to the cozy Dornajo square, where you can appreciate Canarian architecture.
  • La Recova Market. The traditional market of Santa Cruz offers you fresh local products, such as fruits, vegetables, and crafts.
  • Narrow alleys perpendicular to Calle Real. Walk through these narrow alleys that lead to charming corners and allow you to explore the authenticity of the historic center.
  • Castillo de Santa Catalina. What remains of the old defensive system of Santa Cruz de La Palma.
santa catalina castle

Discover the historical and cultural richness of Santa Cruz de La Palma’s old town through its impressive buildings, enchanting squares, picturesque streets, and traditional markets.

Furthermore, the old town is the ideal place to go shopping for the most typical and original souvenirs, to take a piece of the island home with you.

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Souvenirs from La Palma

Discover unique souvenirs from La Palma: handcrafted goods, local wines, and traditional sweets. Each piece tells a story of the island culture and is a perfect memento of your adventure.


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