Trail reventón El Paso

The trail Reventón El Paso Mountain Race, held in April on the volcanic island of La Palma, is a challenging sporting event sponsored by the Fred Olsen shipping company. Over five activity-packed days, attendees can engage in talks, concerts, a runners’ fair, exhibitions, and photo sessions within the fairground. The event’s pinnacle arrives on Saturday with eight distinct races tailored for different skill levels and ages.

reventón el paso

Trail reventón El Paso: an epic mountain challenge in La Palma

The Marathon is, without a doubt, the star and most spectacular test of Reventón El Paso. This race offers participants a stunning variety of landscapes and contrasts of La Palma. Runners will face challenging technical zones in the high summits, followed by rapid tracks in lower areas. Throughout their journey, athletes will traverse trails cutting through the characteristic Canarian pine forests.

Moreover, this unique race has the privilege of running through the Caldera de Taburiente National Park and the Cumbre Vieja Natural Park. This means runners will have the chance to race mere meters away from the Tajogaite volcano, the youngest in Europe, taking in spectacular and unique landscapes.

The Reventón El Paso Marathon is a circular race of 42,200 meters that starts and finishes in the town of El Paso. With an impressive total accumulated altitude change of 4,972 meters, participants should brace themselves for a truly epic challenge at the heart of the beautiful Island of La Palma.

Don’t miss the chance to experience an unforgettable moment in trail reventón El Paso Mountain Race, where nature and sport come together on the magical Island of La Palma. Sign up and accept the challenge!


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