Christmas Time

Christmas in La Palma, one of the jewels of the Canary archipelago, is a unique experience, especially during the month of December. This time of year transforms the island into a vibrant setting of festivities, particularly in the main towns that offer their grand Christmas program: Santa Cruz de La Palma and Los Llanos. These places become centers of joy and celebration, offering endless activities to enjoy with family.

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Traveling to La Palma in December: A Unique Christmas Among Beaches and Traditions

Traveling to La Palma in December means immersing yourself in a unique festive atmosphere. The traditional and spectacular lightings illuminate the streets, creating a magical environment that invites celebration. Concerts and theater plays add a cultural touch to the festivities, while fairs and Christmas markets fill every corner of the island with life. In addition, charitable activities reinforce the spirit of community and generosity so characteristic of these dates.

A distinctive element of Christmas in Santa Cruz de La Palma is the ‘Rondallas Lo Divino’. These are musical groups that roam the streets and squares, performing carols and traditional songs, often improvised, bringing the Christmas spirit to every corner of the island, traditionally at dawn. The Divinos particularly perform in the early hours of the mornings leading up to Christmas. These rondallas are a tradition deeply rooted in local culture, and their music and singing are an essential part of Christmas celebrations.

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What really makes spending Christmas in La Palma Canarias special is the combination of the festive atmosphere with a pleasant and mild climate, typical of the Canary Islands in December. It is possible to enjoy the beaches under a warm sun, offering an unusual but charming Christmas experience.

In Santa Cruz de La Palma, the average high temperature is around 22°C, while the low hovers around 17°C, making it a comfortable destination for holiday celebrations. Check here the weather in La Palma.

Thus, traveling to La Palma in December not only allows you to experience local traditions but also to enjoy unforgettable moments on its beautiful beaches, making this Christmas a truly unique and memorable experience.


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