Caballos Fufos

During the Fiestas de San Miguel at the end of September, Tazacorte pulsates to the rhythm of “Vuela, vuela palomita” as they dance with the Caballos Fufos. These lightweight structures made of cane and multicolored silk paper are carried by “knights” dressed as horses, and there’s even a giraffe in their midst.

tazacorte festival, caballos fufos

Dive into Authentic Tradition and Immerse in a Vibrant Atmosphere

Introduced in 1910 by two islanders who returned from Cuba, these colorful costumes have become an integral part of Tazacorte’s patron saint celebrations and carnival festivities. The Caballos Fufos are horse imitations created by men who wear artificial horse heads made of wood, paper, and cloth, brightly painted. Their legs are concealed with fringes or strips of cloth.

These characters parade through the streets, joining local festivities, dancing to infectious music, and drawing festive crowds. The tradition remains alive today and is also celebrated in the neighboring town of Fuencaliente during the Wine Festival.

More than Just Caballos Fufos: Celebrate the Grand Feast of San Miguel Archangel

The Grand Feast of San Miguel Archangel spans from mid-September to early October, with the 29th marking the primary day of the island’s patron saint. While recreational and cultural events change yearly, there are staple activities in every celebration.

Festivities kick off with the contest and proclamation of the Queen of the Festivities. A highlight includes the magnificent Parade of Artistic Floats, showcasing up to four floats crafted by local artists and artisans. The grandest of them all honors the Festivities’ Queen. There’s also the parade of Giants and Big-Heads, horse races, and other competitions. The celebration concludes with a solemn procession, followed by a dazzling fireworks display.


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