Devil’s Dance

The Devil’s Dance of La Palma is the most significant moment in the festivities of Our Lady of Candelaria. On the dawn of September 8th in Tijarafe, one of the most unique and thrilling events of the entire island takes place.

devi's dance la palma

Experience an astounding festivity of La Palma

The celebration begins on the night of September 7th with a lively evening party and concludes at 6:30 in the morning of September 8th. The most special moment of the festival is experienced around 3 a.m. with the arrival of the devil.

During this night, thousands of people revel in the party dancing, and a change in the music signifies the peak moment of the celebration.

Giant figures and big-heads burst in, announcing the appearance of the Devil of La Palma, who dances and sets off fireworks for about 20 minutes. At its conclusion, the devil’s head explodes, symbolizing the victory of Good over Evil. The Devil’s Dance of Tijarafe is a unique pagan tradition protected since 2007 as an Asset of Cultural Interest and was declared a Tourist Interest Festival of the Canary Islands in 2011.

Isla Verde Brewery and the Devil’s Dance

In honor of the traditional Devil’s Dance of La Palma festival, the Isla Verde brewery in Tijarafe has been producing since 2010 a superb double malt natural black Ale named “Devil’s Dance”. It’s a beer with a fresh, toasted flavor and a slightly bitter taste that pairs well with salty foods.


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