Craft Beer Isla Verde

In 2009, a microbrewery was born in the municipality of Tijarafe, merging tradition and advanced technology to produce high-quality craft beer. This craft beer factory launched its first product in 2010, called ‘Danza del Diablo’, dedicated to the most famous festival of the municipality of Tijarafe. A year later, it also incorporated a bar-restaurant to taste its beers, brewed just a few meters away, accompanied by delicious gastronomic proposals.

la palma beer

La Palma Beer: brewed by the Palmeran microbrewery that blends tradition and technology

Craft beer is made using four fundamental and top-quality ingredients: soft water from the mountains of La Palma, special malts from a Belgian artisan malt house, yeast, and aromatic hops. Additionally, a high fermentation process at higher temperatures is used, replacing filtering and pasteurization with a double fermentation resulting in a slightly hazy appearance of the beer.

The patient craft beer-making process takes a minimum of six weeks. In this way, although on a more modest scale, a product with a fresh and natural taste is obtained, and it also has a high content of vitamins and other healthy nutrients.

The Isla Verde Brewery in La Palma offers a wide variety of beers with unique flavors, made with native ingredients such as Don Manuel’s coffee, pitahaya, passion fruit, coriander, and orange, among others.

These beers are bottled in glass containers and feature distinctive labels that display a farm, an emblematic animal of the Island of La Palma, very common in the surroundings of the municipality of Tijarafe. You can find these craft beers in specialized stores, gourmet establishments, the brewery itself, or supermarkets on the island.

isla verde beer

Taking home a La Palma beer is a great idea to relive those moments of relaxation and happiness experienced during your holidays on the island. Additionally, it is a perfect gift to share with friends, giving them a piece of La Palma and its unique flavors, evoking the magical atmosphere of this island. There’s no better way to keep those memories alive than to enjoy a delicious Palmeran craft beer in good company.


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