Situated in the picturesque northwest part of La Palma, positioned between 400 and 800 meters above sea level, Tijarafe boasts a population of 2,598 residents. This region’s geography is remarkably mountainous, with steep slopes descending from peaks to the sea, interspersed by numerous ravines. As you descend in altitude, the gradient mellows, creating a prime environment for cultivating bananas, avocados, and vineyards, which form the area’s primary economic activity.

tijarafe la palma

Tijarafe, a Gem on La Palma’s Northwest Coast: Stunning Scenery, Rich Cultural Traditions, and Rural Charm

In recent years, Tijarafe has seen significant growth in its tourism sector, notably in rural tourism. Visitors are enthralled by the municipality’s diverse landscapes, making it a hiker’s haven.

Beyond its splendid nature, Tijarafe is renowned for its traditional festivities, particularly the “El Diablo” festival. Rooted in local culture, this event celebrates the battle between good and evil and draws numerous visitors annually with its vibrancy and infectious energy.

Tijarafe’s architectural heritage also deserves recognition, with delightful buildings reflecting the area’s history and identity. Architecture enthusiasts will relish the traditional homes from centuries past that harmoniously blend into the rural backdrop.

Lastly, Tijarafe’s breathtaking coastline cannot be overlooked, with cliffs rising up to 200 meters. Despite its rugged topography, the scenic beauty of these rocky formations is undeniable, offering spectacular ocean views.

In essence, Tijarafe is a destination blending awe-inspiring nature, rich cultural traditions, and rural allure, making it perfect for those seeking peace and natural beauty. Traverse its trails, partake in its festivities, and admire its architectural legacy for a memorable experience in this unique La Palma nook.

Highlights in Tijarafe La Palma

Historic Center of Tijarafe, la Palma

Wander through Tijarafe’s enchanting old town with its cobbled streets, traditional houses, and quaint squares. Relish the peaceful ambiance and immerse yourself in the area’s traditional architecture.

Mirador del Time

Head to this viewpoint for breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Aridane Valley and the Atlantic Ocean. This spot offers a singular perspective of the island’s west side’s natural beauty.

La Veta Beach

Unwind at the lovely La Veta Beach, basking in the sun and sea. Accessible after a breathtaking trail, this serene black sand beach is a treat.

El Poris de Candelaria, Tijarafe La Palma

Tijarafe’s true jewel, this is one of the island’s most striking locations. It’s a quaint village nestled in a coastal cave, exuding unique charm.

Cueva Bonita, a hidden sanctuary bathed in the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic, invites you to discover its millennia-old secrets from the sea.

Isla Verde Brewery

Make a pit stop here, ideal for craft beer aficionados. Sample a wide array of local beers crafted from natural ingredients, complemented by the region’s typical dishes. Enjoy its welcoming terrace and relaxed vibe.

pori de candelaria, tijarafe municipality of la palm

In conclusion, Tijarafe offers a unique blend of historical charm, awe-inspiring views, stunning beaches, and gastronomic experiences. Don’t miss the chance to discover this captivating La Palma municipality!


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