PUNTAGORDA: Rural tourism in the middle of almond trees

Situated in the northwest of La Palma, Puntagorda lies at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. This enchanting town has traditionally thrived on its primary sector, with dry farming methods yielding almonds, grapes, and wheat. The 20th century saw an emphasis on irrigated farming, enhancing its agricultural appeal. At its heart is the Farmer’s Market (Mercadillo del Agricultor), a bustling spot where local farmers present their fresh produce directly to visitors.

puntagorda la palma landscape rural

Though agritourism has seen a rise in the region, agriculture remains its economic backbone

Puntagorda boasts a population of 2,293 residents, with most dwelling in secluded traditional houses. The neighborhoods of Pinar and Puntagorda are the most densely populated. Notably, this municipality prides itself on having the highest proportion of international residents on the island, with individuals from various backgrounds finding a home here.

Top Attractions in Puntagorda La Palma

Puntagorda is brimming with must-visit spots and activities:

Puntagorda Market (Mercadillo del Agricultor)

Dive into Puntagorda’s agricultural wealth at this renowned market. Local farmers showcase a plethora of fresh and artisanal goods. Discover a range of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, wines, and regional specialties.

Izcagua Viewpoint (Mirador de Izcagua)

This viewpoint stands out with its glass floor and walls, offering visitors the exhilarating sensation of hovering above the gorge.

Zip Line Puntagorda La Palma Adventure

Embrace an adrenaline-filled experience at Puntagorda’s zip line. Glide over breathtaking natural landscapes, enjoying panoramic views. It’s a must-try for adventure and nature enthusiasts alike.

Puertito (Poris de Puntagorda)

This spot provides the municipality’s only safe access to the sea. After descending over 300 steps, visitors are greeted by small sea pools, ideal for a refreshing dip. The natural setting and serene atmosphere make for a perfect relaxation spot.

Nature Trails

Puntagorda is celebrated for its verdant surroundings. Explore the pathways meandering through its terrain, immersing yourself in lush vegetation, spotting waterfalls, and being captivated by the area’s natural splendor.

This tranquil and scenic location is perfect for nature lovers, offering an ideal blend of rural landscapes and outdoor activities. Beyond these highlights, indulge in local gastronomy at nearby restaurants and wineries, relishing in the flavors of the region.


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