The northernmost municipality on the island, with a population of 1800, is characterized by its stunning rural landscape, evoking wonder and relaxation. Moreover, it stands as a prime example of rural tourism, boasting excellent hiking trails. Within its territory lies Roque de los Muchachos, the island’s highest point at 2,426 meters, hosting the telescopes of the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute (IAC).

garafia town in la palma

Discover Garafia in La Palma: Where Natural Beauty and Rural Charm Meet

Throughout its history, this municipality has witnessed substantial emigration, influencing its current population. Situated in La Palma’s steepest region, communication development came late, with the Las Mimbreras road marking a significant milestone, consequently leading to the area’s gradual depopulation and abandonment. However, this prolonged isolation has enabled Garafia to retain its rural, natural, and ecological essence, presenting massive potential for rural tourism. It also has a network of ancient royal pathways, delighting visitors and reflecting the place’s historical importance, enticing hiking enthusiasts with its natural scenic charm.

The municipality’s population is spread across 14 districts throughout its vast landscape. The local economy primarily thrives on agriculture and livestock, producing most of the island’s PDO cheeses. Residents live amidst a considerable density of Protected Natural Spaces, ensuring the area’s pristine environmental quality. The municipal capital is Santo Domingo, an urban hub nestled within the rural setting, laden with rich history and secrets beneath its cobbled streets.

santo domingo in garafia

What to See in Garafia Town

In Garafía, La Palma, a plethora of intriguing places awaits visitors. Here’s a highlight reel:

Santo Domingo, Garafia La Palma

Nestled at 400m above sea level, this serene and picturesque village is Garafía’s municipal capital. It offers breathtaking sea views and an authentic vibe.

Fajana de Los Franceses

A platform at the foot of a stunning 300-meter high cliff, eroded remnants spared by the sea. Its picturesque appearance is highlighted by green plantations contrasting against the sea and the mighty cliff face.

San Antonio del Monte Leisure and Nature Park

A haven for hiking, picnicking, and nature exploration.

Dragos de Buracas, Garafia La Palma

A delightful concentration of the endemic drago trees. Wander the trails and admire their beauty.

Roque de los Muchachos

At 2,426 meters, it’s the island’s zenith and hosts world-famous astronomical observatories. Relish in panoramic vistas and starry skies from this vantage point.

Garafia Town in La Palma: A Melange of Tradition, Culture, and History

Gofio Interpretation Museum

Unearth the history and production of the Canary Islands’ staple, gofio, understanding its cultural significance and culinary applications.

Traditional Windmills

Venture into El Palmar village and marvel at traditional windmills, the remnants of the island’s agrarian legacy, providing panoramic views.

La Zarza and la Zarcita

Renowned for their rock carvings, particularly the engravings on Barranco de La Zarza walls. Recognized for its extensive engraved surface and intricate motifs, it stands alongside Cueva de Belmaco as a significant rock art site in La Palma.

coast of garafia in the north of la palma

These are just a few spots you can explore in the town of Garafia. Each provides a unique experience, immersing you in the natural beauty and culture of La Palma island.


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