Festival San Antonio del Monte

The San Antonio del Monte Festival offers a unique opportunity to discover the traditions and gastronomy of the Garafia municipality, whose economy is primarily based on the primary sector. Annually, in the San Antonio del Monte area, the most anticipated spring event is celebrated for thousands of Palmeros and visitors passionate about rural life: the festivities in honor of San Antonio de Padua, held on June 13th.

san antonio del monte garafia

San Antonio del Monte Garafia: Dive into Garafia’s culinary richness with livestock fairs, contests, and dances

Following tradition, the celebration is full of activities related to livestock, gastronomy of La Palma, music, and religion. Among the highlighted events is the popular livestock fair, where attendees can enjoy animal parades, livestock contests in categories of cattle, equine, goat, and sheep. There are also La Palma Designation of Origin wine competitions and Palmero artisan cheese, as well as horse races. Of course, lively evening dances are not missing.

Discover the taste of Palmero Wine: Garafia’s rich winemaking tradition and its emblematic Vino de Tea

Garafia stands out for housing some of La Palma’s most notable wine-growing areas, where three of the most prestigious wineries of the beautiful island are located, recognized with Designation of Origin since 1994. The Vino de Tea is characterized by its maceration in Canary Pine barrels, which gives the Negramoll grape variety a distinctive resin aroma.

red wine la palma island

Discover the best Palmero cheeses: The rich cheese-making tradition in Villa de Garafia and its delicious flavors

The typical gastronomy of Villa de Garafia is distinguished by its delicious Palmero cheese, which has long been one of the main identity symbols of the municipality and an important economic source for farmers. La Palma Cheese is made using raw sheep or freshly milked goat milk and natural kid rennet, offering smoked and non-smoked options for the delight of palates.

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