Trail Transvulcania

Every May, La Isla Bonita becomes the backdrop for Trail La Palma Transvulcania, one of the world’s toughest ultra trails. Spanning a formidable 72 km, this race challenges runners with an elevation gain of 4600 m and a descent of 4300 m. It’s a heart-pounding journey through La Palma’s breathtaking volcanic landscapes.

trail tranvulcania la palma

Trail La Palma Transvulcania it’s a heart-pounding journey through La Palma’s breathtaking volcanic landscapes

Transvulcania isn’t just any marathon; it’s a sought-after challenge renowned for its demanding nature and awe-inspiring views. The island, affectionately termed “La Isla Bonita”, presents a rugged course marked by volcanic terrains, rocks, lava flows, varying elevations, and climate shifts. It’s the perfect playground for global runners craving an extreme test of their mettle.

The event boasts four distinct races based on distance and difficulty:

Ultra Marathon: The paramount race, covering 72 km with an elevation gain of 4600 m and a drop of 4300 m. The journey begins at Fuencaliente Lighthouse.

Volcanes: A 48 km trail with an ascent of 2850 m and a descent of 2500 m, commencing at the Faro and Salinas.

El Roque: A 28 km route that starts from Roque de los Muchachos, featuring an 840 m climb and a 2932 m descent.

Vertical Challenge: A swift 1.5 km race that ascends 250 m, starting from Tazacorte Beach and culminating at Mirador del Time.

If you pride yourself on being a proficient runner, don’t miss out on the chance to participate in La Palma Transvulcania. It’s an unparalleled race that will take you through some of the island’s most stunning vistas. Dare to tackle this thrilling ultra trail and discover why it’s revered as one of the most challenging yet beautiful races globally. Register now for an unforgettable adventure at Trail Transvulcania in La Isla Bonita!


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