Palmero Cheese

Elevate your taste buds with the authentic Palmero Cheese DOP. A handcrafted treasure from La Palma that pairs tradition with unparalleled flavor.

palmero cheese

Palmero Cheese: Dive into a creamy, slightly smoked experience that embodies the heart of the Canary Islands

This cheese, a product of the native Palmera goat breed, carries with it a rich history and a unique taste profile influenced by the goat’s diet on the island.

With meticulous traditional methods of production, from the coagulation of fresh milk to the maturation in specialized caves or rooms, this cheese stands as a testament to La Palma’s dedication to preserving authenticity. Its signature smoky note, achieved through smoking with almond shells, prickly pear figs, and Canary Island pine, adds a layer of depth to its already delicious flavor.

Presented in flattened cylindrical shapes weighing up to 15 kg, the cheese’s rind varies in color based on the smoking process, while its interior offers a buttery and milky delight. Stored best between 4° and 6° C, the Queso Palmero DOP is a versatile addition to one’s culinary repertoire. It graces many traditional dishes of the island such as roasted cheese with mojo sauce, soups, saffron sauces, and fritters. Its distinct taste beautifully complements young Canary wines or dry fruity white wines.

cheese la palma

Available in fresh, tender, semi-cured, and seasoned varieties, you can find this DOP cheese in whole pieces or vacuum-packed formats. Local markets and supermarkets in La Palma proudly showcase this artisanal cheese. So, the next time you’re in La Palma, be sure to take home this delectable local product as a tasty reminder of your time on the island.


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