Corpus Christi La Palma

In June, the Villa de Mazo transforms into a spectacle of colors and floral aromas with the celebration of Corpus Christi La Palma. This significant event combines religious devotion with artistic expression and the local inhabitants’ artisanal talent. The effort, passion, and creativity of the residents have earned this festival recognition as a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest.

corpus christi la palma

A lavish display of floral art, devotion, and vibrant local culture

On the eve of Corpus, residents prepare triumphal arches, corridors, and floral carpets through the streets, turning the town into a display of wit and community collaboration. Its most distinctive elements are the carpets and the impressive arches, made with natural materials such as volcanic sand, leaves, flowers, petals, and seeds. Subsequently, the procession of the Blessed Sacrament tours these works of art that beautify the neighborhoods of Villa de Mazo. Later on, the procession of the Blessed Sacrament will pass over these works of art that adorn the neighborhoods of Villa de Mazo.

The festive agenda is very varied and includes sports competitions, exhibitions, contests, theater, children’s activities, music, and concerts.

Relive the history and tradition of Corpus Christi Villa de Mazo at the Casa Roja Museum

red house villa de mazo la palma

In addition, the Casa Roja Museum in Villa de Mazo includes a local craft sales point and a food product shop inside, offering visitors the opportunity to take away a souvenir from their time on the island.


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