Gofio Museum Las Tricias

Discover the rich history of Gofio, a Canarian culinary staple, at the Gofio Museum in Las Tricias, Garafía. Opened in 2016, the museum is situated within the historic Las Tricias mill. Visitors to the Museum of Interpretation of Gofio (MIGO) can explore the traditional use, makeup, production techniques, and nutritional benefits of this essential food, once a key part of the Canarian aborigines’ diet.

gofio museum las tricias la palma

What is Gofio?

Gofio is a traditional food in the Canary Islands, crafted from toasted flour derived from various cereals like wheat, maize, oats, and most notably, Canarian millo (corn). A potent source of energy, fiber, and carbohydrates, Gofio has graced the Canarian dining table for centuries.

What does Canarian Gofio entail? What constitutes Gofio? The most prevalent type, Canarian Gofio, is fashioned from toasted maize. Wheat Gofio and oat Gofio are less frequent but just as savory variants. Amasado Gofio is another derivative where Gofio is amalgamated with water and other additions such as honey or cheese, forming a malleable dough.

Moreover, Gofio boasts culinary versatility. It’s routinely blended with milk to yield “leche con gofio“, mixed with water, or even juice. Gofio also finds its way as a component in diverse recipes.

For those keen on sampling Gofio, the Interpretation Museum of Gofio in Las Tricias, Garafía, beckons. It presents a deep dive into the food’s history, tradition, and different kinds of Gofio, along with their application in local gastronomy.

Does Gofio lead to weight gain?

While Gofio isn’t inherently fattening, its caloric content hinges on its mode of consumption. Gofio paired with milk or combined with honey can be calorie-rich. Nonetheless, it can also be part of lighter, healthful dishes like Gofio soup or when stirred into yogurt. Oat Gofio and gluten-free Gofio also offer healthier alternatives catering to dietary needs.

SAT: 9 am – 5 pm

SUN: 10 am – 4 pm

Map to the Gofio Museum

How to Get to the Gofio Museum in Las Tricias


For those keen on a scenic walk, you can reach the Interpretation Museum of Gofio (MIGO) via the Buracas route. This beautiful path takes you through ancient dragon trees, vibrant flowers, and intriguing caves — a journey you shouldn’t miss when visiting La Palma.


To reach the museum by car, take the LP114 road. Continue past the Church of Las Tricias for a few meters. Then, turn left onto “El Polvillo” street. Continue on this street until you spot the iconic mill where the museum is located.


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