Cueva Bonita

The Cueva Bonita in Tijarafe, La Palma, offers a unique experience for adventurers and nature lovers seeking to explore geological wonders in an exceptional setting.

cueva bonita la palma

This impressive natural treasure, also known in the past as Cueva de Candelaria or Pirates Cave, is located right next to the mouth of El Jurado, revealing a fascinating history that goes back centuries. During the 17th century, the cave served as a refuge for local fishermen during pirate attacks, allowing them to escape their pursuers thanks to its two entrances, a feature that confused pirates and saved lives.

Accessible only from the sea, this spectacular formation has two wide entrances, the northern one, with an opening of 16.8 meters, and the southern one, with 9.76 meters. The interior of the cave stretches over 84 meters in width and 105 meters in depth, with a height of 10 meters above sea level, creating a majestic space where light penetrates, especially during certain months of the year, illuminating its interior with a palette of colors that varies with each passing minute. Additionally, during low tide, a small pebble beach forms inside the cave.

Visiting Cueva Bonita becomes an unforgettable adventure when done in summer or at sunset when the evening sunlight bathes the entire vault, offering a light and color show that has led many to compare this place to the Sistine Chapel of the Atlantic. This natural phenomenon allows visitors to enjoy a sunset like no other, with light effects that enhance the unmatched beauty of the cave.

For sea and nature enthusiasts, there are various options to explore Cueva Bonita. Excursions on small boats, which often include sightings of whales, dolphins, and a visit to Poris de Candelaria, allow access to the cave as long as sea conditions are calm. Both Fancy and Fantasy boats offer these excursions. Additionally, for those seeking a more intimate experience with nature, there is the opportunity to enjoy a kayak excursion, starting from Poris de Candelaria, located very close to the cave, providing a unique perspective of this natural monument.

Cueva Bonita in Tijarafe is not just a tourist site; it’s a journey through time and nature, promising every visitor an experience that will be etched in their memory forever.


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