Poris de Candelaria

Discover the charm of Poris de Candelaria La Palma. It’s a unique and photogenic spot in the municipality of Tijarafe on the beautiful island of La Palma. This geological formation, approximately 50 meters high, is notable for its history and natural beauty.

poris de candelaria

Poris de Candelaria La Palma: Uncover Its Charm, History, and Natural Beauty in This Unique Spot

Its name was first mentioned in a document from 1588, highlighting its importance as a shipping point for the transport of wheat and pitch to other islands in the archipelago, and as a refuge for Palma residents who set off in search of a better life in the Americas. Additionally, fishermen of the time used this site to store and repair their boats.

Over 80 years ago, the inhabitants of La Palma began to build charming white little houses within the natural caves, ideal for spending the summer or enjoying weekend getaways. The term ‘poris’ refers to a natural dock or port. Inside the cave, you’ll find a small bay perfect for swimming and admiring the impressive marine life hiding beneath its waters.

Additionally, from Porís de Candelaria, it’s possible to reach the renowned Cueva Bonita by kayak. This natural cave is accessible only by sea. Various boats offer excursions to discover this unique spot on the island of La Palma. Inside, visitors can enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the cave and their striking contrast with the rock formations.

Porís La Palma also houses an image of the Virgin of Carmen, protector of fishermen. Although the rock houses may be small, they are equipped with everything needed to relax and enjoy delicious fresh fish in the company of friends and family, while you immerse yourself in the tranquil sound of the sea.

poris de candelaria

Hiking to the Charming Poris de Candelaria

Embark on a Trekking Adventure from Tijarafe to Poris de Candelaria through Barranco del Jurado: Explore La Palma’s Wild West Coast.

An interesting fact: when looking from inside the cavity outwards, the contour of the cave resembles the silhouette of the island of La Palma.

poris de candelaria la palma

Proís de Candelaria La Palma Recommendations

  • There are no beach bars or shops, to eat at Porís de Candelaria you have to bring your own food.
  • Bring a swimsuit, towel, water shoes, and snorkeling goggles.
  • Bring a bag to collect your garbage, as there are no waste bins.
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Getting here is easy; just get to the town of Tijarafe and follow the road that goes towards the sea, very well signposted with a large sign located on the main road. The road winds and passes through farming and greenhouse areas; it is narrow, so be cautious. Upon arrival, you’ll find parking. Leave the car and continue walking a few more meters to Porís de La Palma.


You can view Porís de Candelaria from the sea during one of the many boat tours that depart from the Port of Tazacorte. On these excursions, you can enjoy viewing cetaceans, dolphins, and sea turtles with a catamaran that will take you very close to the coast to also admire the landscape of the island.


Reach Poris de Candelaria through a breathtaking guided trekking tour!


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