Playground El Cesped

After a closure period dating back to 2019, the “El Césped” playground in Santa Cruz de La Palma has been unveiled with a fresh and renewed face, ready to provide smiles and fun for the island’s youngest and their visitors. Strategically located on Avenida Marítima, next to the Insular Council, this park has transformed into a place full of life and laughter, providing a vibrant oasis of games and adventures for children.

playground el cesped santa cruz de la palma

The renovation of this beloved playground in Santa Cruz de La Palma oldtown has not only reintegrated a safe and exciting play space for children but has also provided a community meeting point where parents can socialize, and families can enjoy moments together outdoors. At “El Césped,” little explorers find a variety of modern, vibrant, and safe play structures, while parents and caregivers can relax in areas designed for enjoyment and comfortable supervision of children’s activities.

The redesign of the park was meticulously planned to ensure areas for a wide range of ages and abilities are included, making “El Césped” an inclusive and accessible place for all. With bright and attractive colors, innovative play structures, and a friendly atmosphere, it quickly becomes a favorite spot for both locals and tourists.

Be sure to include a visit to the “El Césped” playground during your stay or walks through Santa Cruz de La Palma. This splendid space not only offers relief from urban hustle and bustle but also provides a safe and fun place where children can play, explore, and make new friends, while adults can enjoy the splendid setting and relaxing sea views.

The Santa Cruz de La Palma playground, “El Césped,” awaits you, offering memorable moments of fun and relaxation in the heart of the city.


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